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Selling Unwanted Stock

3rd April 2024

Sell Unwanted Stock UK

We’re often asked how we calculate the offers we make to our suppliers for the unwanted stock they wish to clear.

Each time we are offered stock, there are a number of considerations that we need to take on board.  All clearance lots are different, so we may seek particular clarification which is unique to those items.

But for the most part, we are likely to need the following information:

  1. Stock Breakdown

    First and foremost, we need to understand the full stock breakdown, particularly if there are a large number of different product variants included. – Handling costs tend to shoot up when there are many different lines, especially if there are only very low quantities of each product.

  2. Retail Packaging

    We assess the retail packaging, whenever applicable. For example, we need to know if the items come with a swing tag attached / in a retail box / on a hanger card, etc. We also seek clarification as to whether each item is individually barcoded or not. Stock with retail packaging and barcoding isn’t always necessary, but it is certainly helpful and could allow us to put forward a higher offer price to the supplier.

  3. Stock Collection

    Finally, we ask if the stock could be palletised (if it isn’t already), or if we would need to collect loose cartons. – Palletised collection could be several times cheaper than using a man with a van service.

Once we have all of the information required to understand the likely associated costs, we would then be in a position to put forward our offer price to the supplier.

We pride ourselves in explaining the rationale for our calculations, so our suppliers get some insight into how we’ve come to our valuations and are reassured that our offers are genuine.

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